When we think about The Stonewall Uprising (aka The Stonewall Riots) I think a lot of people clamor to stake their claim on who started it all. Why bother? Prejudice started that uprising. In response the community rose up and fought back against what was, until that night, an unstoppable force. People were beaten, glass broken, doors shattered, and to this day many of us are still fighting.

We can’t ever forget Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P Johnson.

They were described as “saints” by the people who knew them. Both struggled with homelessness, abuse, mental breakdowns, powerlessness, and exclusion. To this day many disregard their role in history. Yet despite it all both worked tirelessly to improve the lives around them. Whether it was housing homeless Trans youth, or simply cheering up a friend in need.

We all struggle with things, especially now that events have taken dark, unpredictable turns. But we can’t give up, we can’t retreat, we must push on. For all of us!

Thank you so much for reading, sharing, and helping me! Happy Pride, y’all! <3