First and foremost: Happy Birthday Mommy!

I never could have got to where I am today without my mom.  That goes without saying.  She once worked with Alexandra Danilova, you know!

Creating this comic with Teena Fitzroy has been an absolute pleasure.  In case you hadn’t grasped this from the comic, she’s a spitfire kind of gal with an amazing sense of humor, who’s life experience provides story after story that serve to empower us all.  From the moment my fianceé first described her speech, I knew I had to work with her.

Check out her website at

I also want to give a shout out to all of my supporters on Patreon who provided love and feedback as I worked on this comic.   Thank you everyone on Tumblr who continue to share and re-blog my comics!  Thank you to my Twitter family!  And especially thank you to those present in my daily life, who’s advice and conversation I would be an absolute mess without.

I’ve already begun working on my next comic!  Make sure to follow me on my various social media accounts to keep yourself updated.

As always, love yourself! ^_^