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I am not of the opinion that video games are a gateway to violent behavior.  That’s the same tired argument as marijuana being a gateway to meth or heroin.

Nevertheless I think it’s safe to say that some rather atrocious behavior can be found within the so called “gamer community.”

One such example is the bullying of children and pre-teens online for not being adept players.  All it takes is a search for “kid rage” on youtube and you’ll find video after video of kids being teased by older gamers.

I’m not arguing that video games should be limited to adults (although there is a esrb rating system for a reason), or that very young people online can’t be intolerably obnoxious.  The problem is a cycle of disrespect has developed – such that when young gamers age they in turn harass younger gamers.

One of the many many unfortunate products of this hostile atmosphere is the use of racist, sexists, and anti-queer slurs (not to mention widespread use of profanity).  Because – hey! – if you can’t play like an adult you can at least talk like one, right?  This of course is a logical fallacy because it produces adults that sound like children trying to sound like adults.

Point is – it all starts early.  And the only way around it is to correct it as early as it begins.

Hey Ash has a great video on what this new kind of gaming might look like: