As this is the second to last page I’m going to put a cap on my “retro review” or “top 5” whatever to share a couple pictures about the very real pain in the ass that was our pet bearded dragon, “Ghidorah.”

When we got him he looked like this:

 photo ghi-young.jpg

There were a couple of things I left out of “The Pet” because they didn’t advance the story. One of those details was the fact that while Alex and I were working my mother actually took good care of Ghi. She would feed him greens, pay attention, and actually coo at him. Bearded dragons hardly ever respond to sound so I’m not sure why she did the latter, but slowly but surely my mother grew more fond of Ghidorah. Much more fond than Alex and I.

Here is Ghidorah after a year+ of us keeping better care of him:

 photo ghi-old.jpg

I don’t think I would rule out reptiles in general after my experience, but I don’t know if I’d ever take one in without and outdoor enclosure. Often I would take Ghidorah outside but I’d have to keep a close eye on him so that he wouldn’t eat the wrong thing, get snatched up by a hawk, or run off somewhere. But he loved being outside, it was by far more simulating that being stuck in a glass tank all day.

If I had to (at gunpoint) accept another reptile I would spring for a russian tortoise. You don’t have to buy live food, they don’t get terribly big, and they are by far cuter than bearded dragons (in my opinion).

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion folks!