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There’s a big part of me that wants to talk about Myst. In 1991 the Miller Brothers produced a game that would redefine adventure/puzzle games. Myst was by no means the first game of its kind, but it was definitely the most realized. It’s presence skyrocketed and continues to be one of games people bring up when speaking about “the art of gaming.”

When I first played Myst, like many kids with short attention spans, I didn’t like it. I didn’t understand the puzzles or even the appeal. It was my brother who ate up Myst and through him I would be exposed to Riven, Starship Titanic, Obsidian, Buried in Time, Timelapse, etc etc. But I’m not talking about those games, great as some of them may be. I’m talking about The Last Express.

I’m going to say very little about this game because I’m embedding part one of the full long play video, and you can simply see for yourself one of the best games ever made. In fact you can even play on your smartphone now!

The Last Express could easily, (and I do mean easily) be made into a tv series or even a movie. You simply can’t say that about most computer games. The effort they put into the authenticity, the sound design, the characters, the pacing, it’s all just masterful. So without further adieu, here’s part one of the longplay: