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The R.T.S. or “Real Time Strategy” games have always confused me. They call them real time strategies, and yet after playing for 45 minutes you can farm the land, chop down all the trees, and raise, arm, and train an army. Maybe I just don’t understand “real time” but I always assumed doing all that took longer than 45 minutes.

Truthfully I don’t like RTS’s because they are boring. And yet? Once a year or so I find myself utterly at the mercy of Myth and Myth 2: Soulblighter.

Myth is a very simple concept. There is an army of undead and you have to defeat them. You don’t raise any armies, you have the units you have and that’s it. Every engagement with the enemy is unannounced, and there aren’t any cheats to help you either. There isn’t a single person in your army that wants to be fighting in a war. In this sense the game has a realism that Warcraft could never touch.

Peculiar is the camera, which the player must have complete control of in order to properly carry out each mission. This is only peculiar because such a concept (in my experience) isn’t used by most RTS games, which is particularly confusing as so many of these games use 3D graphics/engines.

And if that wasn’t enough, the story of the Myst games is not just good, it’s well told and with great music to match it. The voice actor Bungie hired is unparalleled in the genre.

Myst doesn’t lay all of its story out, and there is little dialog in the games, which presents the player with a sense of mystery. Everything you learn is interesting, and makes you want to learn more. So few developers take advantage of the “less is more” technique.

So not only is Myth my favorite RTS. It’s also my favorite fantasy game. Check out the audio from the first game and leave a comment if you don’t think it sounds neat.