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With five pages left in “The Pet” I thought I’d give you what you’ve really wanted. My top five favorite computer games. These picks are not ranked, because all five are completely different games, however, Deus Ex: The Conspiracy is hands down my favorite game of all time.

I mean, what’s not to like about it? Actually, there are plenty of things:

• Terrible voice acting.
• Clunky AI.
• Dated graphics, even for its time.
• Crappy character animation.
• Long load times.
• Buggy music.
• Dull side missions.
• Incredibly anticlimactic “boss fights.”
• Predictable endings.

Shall I go on? Truthfully it was painful to write that list, because I know (as does every fan of this game) that beneath this seemingly blasé “cyberpunk” exterior lies a gem. A diamond in the rough.

In fact many of these points quickly become the game’s charm. Not a single player of Deus Ex doesn’t smirk when they first here a child in the game who is clearly being voice by a 28 year old with a bad cold.

I have a tradition. I beat Deus Ex every year around Christmas. And what astonishes me about this game is that each year I stumble across something I haven’t seen before. It could be something as simple as a cache of weapons, but it gives me that same thrill I had when I first played the full game.

I must have played the demo well over 500 times before I finally got this game for Christmas. Anyone who knows me even in passing has seen me froth at the mouth when I start talking about how much I love this game.

So while I could write a long article about why I adore this game, I’ll just put a word to it: layers. There is layer after layer of thought out atmosphere and story to this game. This is a rare quality, one that doesn’t exist in many of the top selling games of the last ten years.

I was so enamored with this game, that four years after I got it I posed as JC Denton in what has become a very traditional fan made self portrait. I still admire my attention to detail, but the dead giveaway is the dismal facial hair, which is present in every single fan made portrait of JC Denton you’ll ever see. I regret nothing.

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