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Whatever happened to fantasy and science fiction? I remember a brief time in the early 90s when the two were still married, and then something happened. Now you can enjoy either science fiction or fantasy, and the idea of blending the two seems passé.

Perhaps I’m just not hip to all of the new things being created, after all, Kazu Kibuishi has been carrying on that wonderful blended genre with his Amulet series.

If I’m still being unclear, I’m talking about astronauts that carry swords. Warrior princesses in jungle planets with robot arms adopted by mind reading lizard people. I’m talking about THIS:

 photo star3.jpg

Or hell, even this:

 photo star.jpg

…and you know I must be pretty hard up on material to even bring up the ever sacrosanct Star Wars…

The last eight years have been relatively crisis free in America, and as such the willingness to produce mass marketed science fiction has risen. Just this past summer there were at least three different science fiction movies to choose from. And with a majority of these directors having grown up with “He Man” and “Flash Gordon” you’d think there would be at least a few nods here and there to that lost blending of genres.

But then again, I suppose I should kiss these director’s feet for not simply making another remake.

I’ll just leave this here: