Recently Rolling Stone released this video. Beware, there are ear maggots.

I get it. I understand the frustration some people have with the current musical trend. But I couldn’t help but wonder, “was this video really necessary?”

There’s this strange phenomenon where instead of celebrating the things we enjoy, we’d sooner spend time putting down the things we dislike. It would be one thing if people labored at constructing earnest critiques, but instead we flock to support the culture of bullying that so many people have died over.

I’m as guilty of this as everyone else, I guess it’s just in our blood. And who knows? Maybe things are improving! After all, look at what Marvel is doing these days:

 photo mamarvel1.jpg

Undoubtedly inspired by the insanely courageous Malala Yousafzai, Marvel has created a new character “Kamala Khan,” a super hero of color, and Muslim! Khan will be taking up the mantel of Ms Marvel, and her exciting new adventures are soon to hit the comic book shelves.

This isn’t the first time Marvel has given an ethnic twist to an already known character. The decision to make a Black/Latino Spiderman practically blew up Tumblr for days.

Frankly I was rather disappointed to see the protestations of the fans. After all, how many alternate dimensions have we seen? How many times have our beloved characters died? Hell, they’re okay with Marvel Zombies but one Black Spiderman is crossing a line?

The fact is that there have been even more attempts to create entirely new super heroes, in particular super heroes of color. Remember White Tiger?

 photo 2017813-untitled.png

Exactly. Me neither. Simply put, its easier to expose new heroes to a larger audience by altering an existing character creating making a new one.

At the end of the day, if serves to teach us a new perspective, or reaches out to a group that have never been reached out to before, then it’s A-OK in my book.

And I’m writing a book! So, there you go!