A long while ago I did a comic simply called “Color” discussing the difficulty of portraying people of color in black and white. Let me tell you, that problem is sometimes dwarfed with the staggering complication of drawing lizard poop without color.

Quite simply, I don’t think it can be done.

In fact I formally challenge any artist with nothing to do and an attitude and prove me wrong. Here are the guidelines of my challenge, which I seriously doubt anyone will accept:

• On a 5″x5″ square draw lizard poop without color. No background, just poop.

• The poop must be in transition from its initial watery release, to its dryer seaweed-like form.

• There must also be a pellet of calcium in the poop.

Entries will be judged on accuracy and grossness. Stink lines are acceptable.
When finished, click the “Contact” button to submit your work. There is no due date because most artists have better things to do, or have Netflix.

 photo 204.jpg

That there comic is by a lady named Li Chen, and I encourage anyone with 30 minutes of free time to check out her website.

Li Chen is one of the few cartoonists that make cute, simple comics that I don’t instantly dislike. The difference with her art and so many others is that it makes me laugh. It’s a very innocent humor, and dry, and it kept me clicking from page to page when I first read it.

Totally not my style at all.

I’m going to end with some very wise words from John Cleese, that don’t relate to any of what I’ve written but nevertheless should be heard: