Let’s talk video games. Actually no, let’s talk about videos about video games. There are thousands upon thousands of internet personalities all fighting for their claim to fame through commentary/spoofs on the beloved pass time of the American youth. You could spend a solid month watching nothing but these videos. I however, have exactly three favorites. These, in my opinion, are the best.

NUMBER THREE: Yahtzee from “Zero Punctuation
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I will preface my opinions on Yahtzee by saying that great videos about video games don’t actually require that the viewer be a gamer. They can be enjoyed regardless of the viewer’s experience because they are well written, well performed, well done.

Yahtzee is perhaps the only video game reviewer that never lets go of his principles. He has an intellect that is a notch above most serious gamers, and as such he doesn’t forgive any game its shortcomings, especially when they’re obvious the moment the trailer is released. He has been criticized for only having bad critiques, but frankly there hasn’t been a single time when he’s gone overboard. The stick figure art is dull, but it allows the viewer to focus on the words rather than be dazzled by the special effects that often take over in other videos.

NUMBER TWO: Anthony & Ashly Burch from “Hey Ash Watcha Playin?”

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It’s hard for me to compliment these two because I am overwhelm with envy. My brother and I have such a similar relationship as these two, except we were born with obscure Macintosh computer games, and not the mainstream entertainment. As such I live vicariously through Anthony & Ashly, and they’ve been tremendously successful.

What separates their series is not the gags, the acting, or even the writing per say. What makes this series special is their boldness. Before Anthony Burch there seemed few gaming celebrities that spoke in depth/elegantly of the art of video games. Meanwhile Ashly was most likely the very first internet celebrity to raise awareness of sexism within the gaming community, and their cherished games. They’re funny, they’re smart, they’re from the future.

NUMBER ONE: Anita Sarkeesian from “Tropes vs Women in Video Games.”

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The love of video games has touched many people, but very few have had the courage to say “I love this, lets talk about what’s wrong with it.” Anita Saarkesian’s series was so bold and revolutionary that it inspired one of the largest organized internet attacks ever. This lady received threats of violence, rape, death, you name it. That’s how incredible her idea was, that’s right, she hadn’t even made the series yet.

Tropes vs Women in Video games is an educational series that attempts to reveal the sexism found within what has become a multi billion dollar industry. Through out the series she maintains the utmost professionalism, clarity, and thoughtfulness. Frankly there’s no other series quite like hers. It doesn’t rely on gags, 1upmanship, or even popularity. It’s the best.

Check it out!!

I am also an avid Jon Tron supporter.