Maybe I’m just easily confused, but I’m perplexed. One of the books Alex got out for our vacation was Wonder Woman: The Circle. Not too hard to locate, here’s the cover:

 photo 952097.jpg

The book has two stories from two groups of people. One about three imprisoned amazons breaking lose and trying to murder Queen Hippolyta (Wonder Woman’s mom), and the other “Expatriate” about Wonder Woman stopping a war from breaking out on an alien planet.

I read them both and asked, “So why is it called The Circle?” There was no mention of any circles whatsoever. Whatever, it sounds good. Maybe it was just a thematic choice of words.

Except if you read the description on Amazon “…What is the deadly secret of the mysterious Circle?”

Either there are two different books with the exact same cover, or there’s just one and someone messed up big time. Or I’m losing my mind. Whenever I try to point out these things people look at me with disbelief/pity so it’s probably that I’m losing my mind.


I never used to like Wonder Woman until I became a feminist. She is the one and only super hero to talk about the disparities between the sexes, but more than that she’s the only super hero that tries to reason with you before and after things come to blows. She’s super awesome, and it’s made clear (if the writers are any good) that it’s because she wasn’t raised in America. But don’t take my word for it, check out these ladies who know way more than me:

There’s not much to say about Wonder Woman: The Circle (or at least whatever I read!) Each story had it’s moments, but ultimately suffered a little from what I’ve come to call “Standard Superhero Writing,” where flurried action is punctuated by quick rejoinders that are calm collected and just slightly sarcastic. Lots of bold one-liners. Lots of punching. Alex and I took our time with the book, frankly because there were more interesting books to read.

The only thing that really stuck out was the sudden shift in art design, when Wonder Woman changes from being this super muscular warrior lady to something a lot more conservative:

 photo comparison.jpg

I will say this though, they never strayed from Wonder Woman’s character, or her history. She was the same awesome bad ass as described in the previously embedded documentary. Even though the story didn’t have me riveted, I still questioned “Why can’t more heroes be like Wonder Woman?”