One of the things that’s hard to come by is a writer that is fantastic with dialog. It seems like good dialog is missing from an overwhelming majority of the so called “classic literature.” And hey, it’s hard to write! But then you get people like Adrian Tomine that make it seem so easy.

Tomine’s book “Shortcomings” is a classic example of why to not judge a book by its cover:

 photo shortcomingsindiedoodle.jpg

“Shortcomings” is a book about an asshole named Ben Tanaka. But he’s not just a standard asshole like those you see from Robert Crumb or Scott Adams. Reading Tomine’s work you see the face of internalized (and externalized) racism, misogyny, homophobia, all engrained so deeply in Ben that he has no idea why people react so harshly to his opinions. In other words, Ben Tanaka is essentially the average man.

 photo wiliams-shortcomings1.jpg

Truthfully “Shortcomings” is a bummer of a book, but I simply couldn’t put it down. The story feels negative, but there is something so human about it at the same time. Those universal feelings of loneliness, insecurity, envy and doubt are all captured brilliantly while at the same time revealing social perspectives that doesn’t often see the light of day.

My girlfriend tries her best to avoid these kind of characters but she too couldn’t stop reading. “It’s like watching a very slow train wreck.”

While on vacation I actually spotted his latest work:

 photo a4cb71e6d79a5a.jpg

I really regret not buying it right there and then. Next time I see it I’ll snatch it up. If you VISIT HIS WEBSITE you can see all kinds of work from him.

A definite treat for the mind!