Those last words are “The End.” You know, in case you don’t speak Spanish.

I found my hands trembling with anticipation as I drew the final page of this comic. I think without a doubt it is my best work thus far.

The Pet started out as an exercise in drawing and not much else, and it quickly became a much bigger project that consumed my time and energy in the best possible way.

My thanks go to everyone who showed their support as I worked on it, especially my parents. My thanks go to Heinz Insu Fenkl as well, who I will be contacting shortly for advice.

I will be spending the next month or so making slight revisions to The Pet, before submitting it for publication, so Monday posts will be sparse at best.

But don’t don’t you worry! there’s more comics where that came from.
Stay tuned for my next work “Orcs Vs Feminism!”