Slowly but surely the “home renovations” I may or may not have alluded to in previous entries are beginning to shape themselves into something workable. I have a studio now but though I do wish to continue my work the dining room needs tending, as does the kitchen, the pantry, Alex’s studio and of course, the upstairs bathroom.

I made an attempt to draw for the first time in a while, and was horrified by how out of practice I was. I couldn’t even draw an orc to my liking!

This is the beginning of the manuscript where things start to get really wordy/preachy. In the re-write of this portion I wasn’t sure how to handle it and ended up essentially mimicking the manuscript only to discover that (as you can see) my college years are summed up by a few words.

…and that’s no good, ya? I’d describe the “new ending” to you but then you might not read the new version at all, suffice to say that I might have to break it down into two whole chapters.