For those of you who are just joining me, hello! The Pet began as not much more than a way to get myself back into the routine of drawing/posting regularly so as not to be rusty when the time came to start doing art for my graphic novel. But there were some twists and turns and now I’m much more focused on getting The Pet published (just as a teensy tiny little break out book?) than working on the project that I have very effectively been avoiding since Summer 2013.

Slowly I’ve been making revisions to The Pet before I submit it, but the idea is to have that done fairly soon so I can begin working on the next book, Orcs vs Feminism.

But in the meantime I’m posting the strips I submit to a local LGBT publication.
So there you have it. I have three weeks left of these strips before I start with the Orc story, but it’s possible I might start sooner than that.

But for those of you craving more regular updates please go HERE to my Tumblr, where I will be pumping my kind of pop culture references every which-a-way!