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This is not about keeping people in the closet.

This is a shout out to all the queer people (myself included) who hold back on expressing their queer pride as openly as others.

Some of us are only just discovering our queerness.  Others are dealing with a lousy work environment.   Many of us are just not in the right emotional space.

For some queerness presents a very real physical danger.

Maybe they’re in an abusive home, or school.  They might have even been the target of “religious” hate crimes.  Maybe they have a past trauma that is easily triggered.

So while expressing pride for some is a way of life and a duty? for others its a luxury they can’t yet afford.

Please be patient with us.  Please show us acceptance.  Don’t write us off, or put us down.
We hope to wave that banner with you some day, just not yet.

And for my fellow hesitant queers?  It’s not just okay to go through life at your own pace, it’s vital.
Never kick yourself for taking your time.  Never!  Express pride however you can, even if it’s just in private.