I thought of this comic a long time ago (though I am sure that someone else did as well) and have been sitting on it for a long time. I’m finally starting to enjoy working with color so, its time has come.

Probably the reason why I’m working in color in the first place would have to belong to this wonderful pornographic web comic by the name of

OGLAF (click for a peek!)

Unlike the horrifically well done color works of say…

Alessandro Barbucci


Xia Da of Peony Pavillion

…Trudy Cooper’s color work is a little bit more accessible while at the same time brilliantly done.

In other news I have been doing a lot of wood carvings lately. I must confess it was my love for wood Christmas decorations that stirred my into action, so thus far ornaments have been all that I have made, like this quat over here!


Soon I will be moving onto magnets, and possibly, maybe (big maybe) brooches! The truth is though that I have taken a disheartened respite, as I can’t carve birds yet.

I never used to like birds, I considered them the stuff of hipster tattoos at best, and a typical art-student girl’s obsession at worst. It seems though that finally I am following in the footsteps of the late Phyllis Van Auken, who’s love of our winged friend was unparalleled.

I’ll leave you with a reference photo I took from the Buffalo Zoo of a Scarlet Macaw: