It’s Not a Race has been featured on Lets Queer Things Up, Every Day Feminism and now Bustle!  How cool is that?

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This comic is a bit of a non-sequitur I realize – I’ve been plowing full steam ahead on my upcoming comics, but also some major updates.

One update being the much needed overhaul on how I post my work.  I’ve been laboring under the weekly post model for nearly five years, but the success of It’s Not a Race is by and large owed to the fact that I posted a “long form” version of it.

What can I say?  People (myself included) prefer to read everything all at once.  So rather than posting every Monday I will be adopting a “when it’s done it’s done” method.

However, subscribers of my Patreon page will continue to receive weekly updates!

I’d type more but I have to get back to work! O_o  Thank you, everyone!

Love ya!