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This is so weird.

I have been making pages for Orcs vs Feminism for roughly 427 days.
Part of me wants to say it’s over now, but the fact is that it’s only just beginning.

There’s an epilogue to write and draw.
There are corrections to make.
There are pages to add.

And that all comes BEFORE the grant writing, the kick starter campaign, the printing, the conventions, the readings…

There’s still so much more to be do and yet I feel as though I have lost something.

Even when I wasn’t writing, penciling, inking, or coloring these comics the project was always on the forefront of my thoughts.

Would I fail? Succeed?
Was I going to say the wrong thing?
Would I accidentally leave things out?

It turns out all of those questions came with “yes and no” answers.

Overall this has been so much fun. I think that’s what surprised me the most.
There were ups and downs but at the end of the day I was writing about something I care about AND drawing orcs!

But it’s like I said before. This is only the beginning, so keep your eyes peeled! The printed book of Orcs vs Feminism is going to be rad as all fuck.

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Thank you to all my readers! I love you!