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For those of you who don’t know I am in fact on Twitter, so if you tweet yourself you can follow me if you like.

I used to be against Twitter.  I was one of many people who felt that it was pointless at best and otherwise a completely self centered platform for juvenile people to foist their every thought into our lives; as if to say “I’m so important, you should acknowledge how much I am enjoying my Denny’s pancake!”

But then I read an interesting article and realized I might be missing out on something.  So I dug up my password and forced myself to take part in Twitter.  For the first week I hated it, and then something “clicked” and during the second week I was having a marvelous time.

Quite simply, every cartoonist in the world is on Twitter.  And although sometimes that’s really intimidating, the rest of the time it’s just so cool to interact with fellow artists!

One such talented comic creator is a lady by the name of Natasha D Saville who is still in the early stages of her story “Tethered.”

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Basically what you should do is GO TO HER WEBSITE NOW but if you wanted a synopsis here you go:  Tethered follows the journey of rough-around-the-edges Cara who is making her way through a post apocalyptic England.  We don’t know much about what has happened except that the ruined cities are routinely flooded with a dangerous gas.  Along the way Cara encounters (and is subsequently forced to travel with) an unlikely companion.

 photo Tethered_CH2_PG44_sml-e1384987561901.jpg
I often find stories in these settings are riddled with painfully long exposition and cliché inner monologues.  This is not the case in Tethered.  Natasha and Thomas Saville’s writing is straight forward and accessible, which makes the reading fast paced and enticing.  And with Natasha’s brilliant art informing us of what goes unsaid, it feels more like watching a movie than reading a comic.

Right now my favorite thing from Tethered is Cara herself.  You don’t have to look hard in the world of comics to find tough female characters, but often times these women are simply archetypal male characters who just happen to be female.  Cara is strong not because she was born that way, but because she has clearly been forced to face down a number of hardships.  She doesn’t have a lot of patience, but Natasha excels at capturing an intelligence and vulnerability behind each facial expression.  I’m not worried about a male character barging in and swooping Cara off her feet, or for Cara to fall for traps or trickery.  She can take care of herself, and that’s refreshing to see in a world filled with male power fantasies and vapid sci-fi story telling.

The story is just three chapters long so far but already has the makings of a great graphic novel. And holy crap these folks put new comics up twice a week!  Definitely worth a read, I’m totally hooked.

Check out Tethered now!