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Some (like, nobody) may notice this was posted on a Sunday and not a Monday.  Here is why:

 When I uploaded my comic I forgot to make it a JPEG and accidentally uploaded a PSD file and not only can Word Press not handle that kind of file but it doesn’t give me the option of replacing it so instead of simply editing the broken post I have to delete it entirely and post the content either a day early or a day late.  You would think that all I’d have to do is go in, delete the mistake, and re-upload the replacement but actually what happens when you do that is the new content will be posted in addition to the old content, as in stacked one on top of the other which has a way of looking like absolute shit.  One would think when you delete a post that it’s gone forever but actually its spirt remains, haunting your website forever!!!

NOW THAT THAT’S SETTLED (like a corpse in a bog)

People learn in all different kinds of ways but I have to say I tend to learn with my eyes and ears.  That’s why I love youtube videos.  Whether it’s TED talks, a speech by John Henrik Clarke, or just an interview of Bill Nye, I love that learning something from a smart person is just a couple clicks away at any given time.

One of my favorite educators when it comes to sexism are the people behind Feminist Frequency.  And their latest video on male privilege in gaming hits the nail on the head:

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