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Page 83 was going to be sexy.  The idea was to illustrate sexist character designs with popular female characters.  So for example Jessica Rabbit could illustrate the “giant breasts” portion.

Then I thought, ‘wouldn’t it be more fun to have said breasts draped over my head?’  I was utterly tempted.  I could have Cat Woman thrusting her high heels into my face, while Ryoko Hakubi scandalizes me with a erotic pose in the other corner!


Wouldn’t that be contributing to the whole pointless sexualization of female characters?

Then of course, I realized if anyone was going to get needlessly eroticized it should be me.  This did not sit well.  As I drew myself in the various sensual forms I kept thinking about my boss stumbling upon these pages, or what my mom (hi mom!) would think, or for that matter the perverted masses that seek out this kind of imagery!  I was truly uncomfortable.

Then I thought about all the girls who get told they have to take their shirts off for their audition.  I thought about all the women who get scolded (or fired) for not wearing makeup, heels, or skirts.  I thought about how my looks never determined how other men treated me.  I’ve never been called “prudish” or “frumpy” for wearing conservative clothes.

It became obvious in those moments that my feelings of discomfort pale in comparison to the experiences of most women.  So to hell with my reservations!  If drawing myself as stripper with massive breasts and high heels makes one person question sexist character designs then it’s worth it!