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Last weekend I saw Disney’s “Big Hero Six.”  Here is the trailer if you haven’t seen it.  Before I give my super quick review you should know that 1) there are NO SPOILERS and 2) I am not familiar with Marvel’s original material so I will not be holding this movie accountable for sticking to canon or whatever.  So let’s get to it:

What I liked less:

This is a story about a young boy genius, his robot, and a team of super heroes.  And it’s exactly what you’d expect.  I found it predictable, and cliché.  Not to say that the movie isn’t fun?  It just isn’t anything I haven’t already seen.

Maybe I’m stretching a little on this one, but why does every super hero movie have to be an origin story?  Is it a law now?  What kind of fine are we talking about here?

What I liked:

As I have said before there is nothing new about this story.  Except one really huge thing.  Not only is there a racially diverse cast (with actual voice actors of color no less!) but the main character himself is multiracial.


So you know what?  The story may be nothing special, but who cares?  Frankly the fact that Disney is making an honest effort to include people of color without relying on racial stereotypes is nothing short of a miracle.

Disney is new at being cool about things, and I think Marvel is helping them in major ways.  This is a fantastic first step.

Also it was darn fun to watch, clichés and all.  I probably won’t watch it again until I have a kid of my own?  But I’m so glad I did.

Side note:

So, we know “Hiro” is of Asian descent because Disneyland hired the guy on the left to play him in their park.  So, why the hell is the guy on the right playing Aladdin?
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Marvel has their work cut out for them…