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One of the things that has been so interesting about creating Orcs Vs Feminism is all the responses I have gotten from people.  They truly run the gamut between hate mail from misogynists like:

“you are clearly filled with liquid shit inside your head and heart, no matter what your gender. you’re a Fuckin idiot, and go jump off a cliff”

and put downs from politically liberal folks like:

“Now, this, THIS is a strawman.  I really couldn’t think of a better example if I tried.”

I have to say that I have been tickled by a majority of these comments simply because I know where the story is headed and they don’t.  Usually my response is simply “keep reading!”  But my smugness is, as always, temporary.

You see I very often commit similar crimes of having a knee-jerk reaction and running to my keyboard to add my two cents.  On three separate occasions fellow artist/thinker Pierce Lydon has had to reprimand me for posting articles on Facebook that I might have recognized as entirely false if I had spent more than two seconds to read them.

I bring this up because when looking up “radical militant feminists” the very first thing you find on Google is images from the FEMEN group.  And upon seeing them I thought “yup, those are radical militant feminists” and got to work drawing one.  These are the folks that walk around with slogans painted on their bosoms:

 photo np1LzkmaAp.jpg

When I showed the pages to my fiancé Alex, she immediately recognized the group and said, “Oh those are those FEMEN people right?  They’re not actually feminists you know.”  This came as a bit of a shock but if you do some digging it’s not long before you realize that FEMEN is actually mostly about creating a media sensation (which is why they tend to employ models) and that the values they tout are pretty shitty.

Here’s an article about it from someone who knows more than me.

The reason I point this out is simply this.  Aint irony grand?  Here I am feeling all self-satisfied about how I know something my critics don’t and then I go ahead and draw an image of something I know nothing about to illustrate something I knew nothing about.

So it ended up being this happy mistake, you see!  Because when people look up radical feminism? they often aren’t presented with actual radical feminism, but rather a very purposeful construction of what people want you to think radical feminism is.  So even though my inclusion of FEMEN is misplaced, that’s precisely the point.

But for all you politically liberal folks, don’t worry!  This is not the last time you’ll see militant feminist in this comic.  …Keep reading!