See it in high res!

As I suspected,’s last post was not the beginning of regular updates, renewing all my feelings of doubt and cynicism.

Why, brothers Chaps?  Why?

I get annoyed when these feelings well up because the sense of ownership that fans feel on a given show/comic/podcast/music etc is largely a myth.  That is to say, if the creator of your favorite comic strip decides to suddenly stop making it (I’m looking at you PBF) then there’s really nothing you can do.  This hasn’t stopped people from throwing major tantrums and writing long winded angry rants.

…or just making their own cartoons!

ooooor hilariously awkward tuba remixes!  (why is he using a guitar hero controller?)

From what I understand both Mike and Matt chapman in addition to their full time jobs also have an expanding family.  It seems natural to me that their pet project from a decade ago would fall on the wayside.  There’s a lot that goes into making regular posts on websites, especially if it’s good.  By and large even with a big fan base it can feel like a thankless task (especially if there’s an uproar if you start posting material that’s less than your A game).

Some artists are really good at communicating with their fans.  Mike and Matt Chapman aren’t.  They’re better than Bill Watterson, but only slightly, and if we expect more than that we’re just kidding ourselves.