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You know what I love?  I love  Growing up in an era where “humor” meant “sarcasm and witty put downs” the Brother’s Chaps provided a much needed breath of fresh air with their light hearted cartoons.  The goofy innocence of Homestar was exactly what I needed in the 9th grade.  I became a devout follower ever since my first “sbemail.”

I still applaud the efforts of the Chapman family for dedicating themselves to regular updates (cram packed with easter eggs!) for the many years that they did, but sure enough it was slowly becoming clear that they were running out of steam.  Updates became irregular, tired jokes and stories became increasingly thrown together, and then poof! no more updates forever.

No explanation.  No goodbyes.  Just the void.  Frankly it broke my heart.

Eventually enough time passed for me to grow reflective.  And suddenly I began to see even more flaws in my beloved cartoon.  Marzipan, for example is the personification of the “Smurfette Principle.”  The voices of Strong Bad and Bubs have been pointed out (and promptly ignored) as relying on racial stereotypes, and then of course there’s “Peacey P” who just is a racial stereotype. Not that this deterred me from frequenting their website, but innocent? it was not.

Four years later and has broken it’s hiatus:

 photo Screenshot2014-10-05at91328PM.png

Strong Bad’s basement was flooded in darkness, and for a few seconds it seemed like the Chappies were finally going to acknowledge the long term gap between posts.  No such luck.  Instead they made a rap video parodying the overuse of fisheye lenses:

 photo Screenshot2014-10-05at91344PM.png

I just…  I…

Frankly I don’t know why I still adore Homestarrunner.  I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship. I’m constantly coming up with excuses and justifications, while at the same time bracing myself for the next round of punishment.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic that they updated.  But they broke my heart, and I have trust issues.  Do they have a plan?  Are these posts going to become regular?  Or will we be plunged in the dark once again? doomed to wait another year or two for their next unwanted satire of rap culture?

Hell if I know.  I need a drink.