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Yesterday I spent all day selling comics at a local craft show selling comics.  Well, I say “yesterday” but today is actually Thursday.  But by the time you read (briefly skim? at best?) this it’ll be Monday.  Basically what I’m saying is that I am a human time machine.

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So I am very late in adding my thoughts about this movie but I recently saw Snow Piercer and as ridiculous a concept seemed to be? it unfolded into hands down one of the most unique, weird, spectacular movies I’ve watched in 2014.

It’s as though “Hunger Games” married “Twin Peaks” but Twin Peaks actually had a baby with “City of Lost Children?” but “Hunger Games” raised that baby as its own.

My one and only complaint is: why did they have to make Octavia Spencer shout about chicken?  Come on, guys.

If you haven’t seen this movie watch it.  In the theaters!  NOW!