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Orcs Vs Feminism has reached 60 pages!  Twice as long as The Pet, and my longest comic to date with more pages coming!  I can’t wait until I can reveal the juicy, delicious ending, but unless I double my efforts I highly doubt I’ll be able to finish this comic before 2015. We’ll see though, you never know, I can see the finish line!

As a man of my word I spent the next week creating this comic to celebrate the work of not only Anita Sarkeesian but the much maligned Zoe Quinn:

 photo anita3.jpg

Maybe celebrate isn’t the word.  Illuminate?

Already the comic has been received poorly by the sexists who troll the internet hungrily searching for the next pro-woman piece to shit on.

Probably the most laughable objection I’ve received is from the people who claim that the violent onslaught of harassment bearing down on these women pales in comparison to all the suffering “legitimate critics” of their work who can’t get a word in edgewise because corrupt journalism chooses to focus on the plight of these women (instead of the tragic struggle of white men in media).

In fact there is an Internet Law now describing exactly this reaction: Anita’s Irony