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In 2009 Anita Sarkeesian uploaded her first Feminist Frequency video on youtube.  She would go on to upload many more, criticizing pop culture from a Feminist perspective.  Sarkeesian has never ranted or raved.  She has never condemned a specific person, genre, or franchise.  She has simply presented the facts, explored the problems, and revealed the politics behind them.

Sarkeesian’s videos were naturally trolled by anti-feminists (because the internet hates women) but it was the usual tirades of ignorant people.

In 2012 Sarkeesian began a new video series titled “Tropes Vs Women: Video Games.”  In doing so Anita had touched the collective nerve of every anti-feminist with a computer, resulting in the largest organized (and ongoing) personal attack in internet history.

Anita talks about it in this TedX talk.

In spite of all the opposition, Anita bravely refused to be silenced and  has demonstrated to the world that none of her tormenters have any power over her.  In doing this she transformed herself from an earnest political reporter to one of my biggest personal heros/role models.

Nevertheless the savage attacks continued until recently intensely specific death threats against Sarkeesian and her family forced her to seek out the authorities.

This will doubtless be heralded as a triumph for the sulking hordes of uneducated bullies who aim to hush Sarkeesian’s message.  This is not a victory, it’s an exposé, and every last one of them are now caught in the spotlight.  So here is my question to the swarm of anti-feminists: have you ever asked yourself, “are we the baddies?”

But you know what?  Enough.

Every moment we spend paying attention to these infants we encourage them.  Instead I urge Sarkeesian’s followers to rise up and show her support.  Encourage her ambition, applaud her courage, praise her work!  I can’t claim to know what Anita is going through and frankly I hope I never do, but I know that in her shoes positive reinforcement from followers would be more than welcome.  The bullies have been unable to silence Anita Sarkeesian, let’s not let them silence us as well.

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