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Some of you nit-pickers might have noticed that the kitchen in pages 54/54 was covered with more chocolate than in these pages.  That is because, given 2 minutes, Carolyn’s sense of cleanliness would have eliminated all but the most obscure traces of mess.

Some big news!

I am starting a new web comic!  Some of you may be aware of my Emily comics.  When I began the “Ask Emily” series it was for a local queer publication, The Empty Closet.  When I began I had no idea what I was doing or where I wanted to go.  At first Emily was a lesbian cis-female, then I made her bisexual, and finally she became a trans woman.

The Empty Closet requires these comics every month, and with 30 days between each comic there was plenty of time to become lazy, apathetic, and careless.  Some days drawing the comics felt like pulling teeth.  I’m ashamed to admit that just looking at the art you really can tell when I was feeling good about the comics and when I just wanted to get them over with.

No artist likes submitting work they aren’t proud of, so what to do?  While I was on vacation I found inspiration from renowned artist Rumiko Takahashi and realized that in order to get the most out of the Emily comics I had to 1) update them more often/regularly and 2) create a storyline that I can sink my teeth into.

For the most part the Emily comics have been about frustrated love lives, whininess, and some gender politics.  The new series will have adventure, successful love lives, and tons of gender politics.  Right now my darling fiancee is still in the process of building the Tumblr but I am already updating the comics bi-weekly.

Check out the Emily comics here!

Right now the story is just beginning, but here’s a little spoiler for you.  As of now I’ve been referring to these as the “Emily Comics” but very soon I’m going to start referring to them as the “Emily in Space” comics:
 photo emily.jpg