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I’m not entirely sure why I capitalize “high res” but I do.  I think part of it has to do with the desire to remain consistent with past posts.  But there’s another part, I imagine, that likes poking fun at the marketization of “high res” and “high def” or simply “HD.”

When people were essentially forced to go HD on their TVs I couldn’t belief that such a swindle had been pulled off.  As though they had said “ok everyone starting this year everyone has to buy a tortoise, trust us it’ll make TV more awesome!”

I digress.

I’m going to be going on vacation for two weeks starting the 19th, but with a busier schedule it requires a lot of planning.  I’ll need to make five comics for The Good Men Project, six pages of Orcs vs Feminism, send out three more comics for other publications, and put The Pet together once and for all to be sent to the printers.  I have 19 days.

None of this wonderful fracas would be possible without my part time schedule.  I highly recommend that any artist who hasn’t tried having a go at part time jobs (vs full time) give it a try.  Yes I am essentially breaking even with the money I make, and yes I can’t afford certain luxuries that I used to.  But it’s so worth it when I think about how much more I’ve accomplished otherwise.

I realize this was a rather extreme departure from my usual posts, so to comfort you here’s a picture of  Kyle Maclachlan.  Hubba hubba!

 photo Cooper_005.jpg