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Some of the images of my friends and I are based on real photos you know…

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For page 31 I needed to illustrate my social life and my initial idea was to have me standing in front of a bunch of people loosely based on my friends (good idea).  But then I thought to actually have portraits of a smattering of my real friends from college (bad idea).  And then I thought that instead of just portraits, they should be moments captured from particularly fond memories (kill me).

The result was a bout of OCD that I have not experienced since it was time to clean the bath tub.  It kills me that I forgot I was wearing black gloves in the portrait of Liz and I.  But ultimately it was worth it if I can bring a smile to these completely awesome people.  Some of whom have websites!  So without further adieu.

My shout outs!

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1) Saki Rizwana: is a graphic designer/teacher that does everything from book binding to animation.  Also?  She will have the last word in any argument, no matter how playful.

2) Joshua: Is currently waiting for me to do a commission that I keep forgetting about O_o

3) Tyler: is one of my cousins, but not by blood.  I introduce myself to him as though we’re just meeting every time I see him.

4) Wendy Chan: is another excellent designer, currently making a name for herself in NYC.  I once made the mistake of repeating her name over and over, inspiring her to do the same with me but better.  For two years.

5) Yohei: is my brother from another mother who I will be staying with when I visit Japan. For 4 years.

6) Vixon A. John: has been working in video production, editing, writing, and journalism since I met him in college.  Also he has not aged in the face since 2007.

7) Dana Glover: is an artist/illustrator who I’ve been trying to convince to do comics for a week now.  Dark humor, pop culture, and fantasy!

8) Alex Piemer: has a statue of him in Minsk.

9) Liz Travis: is a foodie and has a fantastic “food porn” blog where she updates us with her latest culinary adventures.  Do not read on an empty stomach!