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When writing Orcs Vs Feminism I took special care to keep the praise of my Dad’s books to a minimum so as not to sound as though my comic was just one big advertisement.  I still haven’t managed this conversationally.  All you have to do is ask what my Dad does and I’ll bend your ear for the next ten minutes (while saying things like “It’s not just because I’m his son either!”)

That said, since page 24 is likely the last reference to my Dad’s books I thought I’d give you all the information you need to purchase his books (plus some extras!)

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You can read more about and purchase my Dad’s books from his website here!

Fun fact #1: The publishers felt that because Queen of the Orcs is essentially a feminist antiwar piece that he should use a pen name.  Dad chose the androgynous “Morgan” after a beloved house cat, and “Howell” from our Irish ancestors.

It is often argued that men can’t write women (and vise versa).  That’s something I know I personally struggle with, but it wasn’t as much of an issue for my Dad.  When in doubt he would consult my Mother when pondering motivations, decisions and tones.  But for the most part my Dad’s style of writing attempts to be exact as possible.  It often gives you the freedom to imagine the fine details of the world.  So for example if you had pictured his orcs with black skin, there’s exactly one time in his books where there’s enough detail to the contrary.

Which is not to say that his writing isn’t detailed.  Unlike authors like Tolkien who labored to describe the direction of the wind every other paragraph, my Dad places more emphasis on his characters and what they’re going through.  The reader is always aware of the emotional atmosphere of the story, by the time you’re done with the first book there’s no question of Dar’s instincts or her personality.

Fun fact #2: My dad’s first books were children’s books, and his first foray into the world of novels was science fiction (dinosaurs and time travel!)  His other science fiction “Entropy” has never been published but is cherished by those lucky enough to have read it.  You can see all of his children’s books and other novels HERE

I don’t mean to poo poo the publishers of my Dad’s work.  Truthfully, the success of his fantasy books was staggering compared with that of his science fiction but that wasn’t the case with his second trilogy “The Shadowed Path.”  The Queen of the Orcs’ book covers sort of resemble dramatic shampoo commercials. The Shadowed Path book covers were butchered. Most people read them expecting a steamy romance novel, and are often disappointed when they find a thoughtful novel that explores philosophy and fate.

I mention all this because my Dad’s latest book, “A Single Deed” comes with a cover that Dad was actually able to design himself.  His most recent work, “A Single Deed” is his first stand alone novel. It’s available on e-readers in addition to paper back!

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Final fun fact: I once brought up that I was the inspiration to The Queen of the Orcs, and my dad quickly called “bullshit.”  But, in fact, I have it in writing.  So there!

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So in other words. Stop trying to re-read “Lord of the Rings,” close your “Drizzt” paperback, and burn your “Twilight” books. You’ll get more out of Queen of the Orcs. And I’m not just saying that because I’m his son, damn it!