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Have you ever come across someone, and you recognize immediately that they’re on “the next level?”  Well, that’s Anna Bongiovanni. This person is totally on the next level.

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Here’s what you need to know: Anna makes fictional works ranging from dark fantasies to lighthearted romps through the queer community. I’ve read some folk describe their style as “playful” and “rustic.” I guess that’s one way of saying the style is simple? but honestly I don’t feel that way at all. I think the quality of Anna’s work is exceptional because they draw from the heart. This isn’t the work of someone who obsesses over each line being “perfect” or even “beautiful” and yet that is precisely what the work is. It’s the expression that counts here.

What I like:

 Anna is not afraid to be political. Here’s piece they did for Every Day Feminism about misogyny within the queer community.  Anna is super aware of social politics and it shows in the work.
Anna is ALSO not afraid to draw comics about witches, curses, and falling in love with a “Moon Baby!”  It’s refreshing to see not only versatility but confidence in both fiction and non fiction.

What can I say, I really like Bongiovanni’s style, but I don’t think it would make it for me if the writing wasn’t so strong. Everything reads really fluidly, and I love how all of their characters interact.

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Room for improvement(?)

There’s a question mark there because, in case you guessed it, I really enjoy Bongiovanni’s work.  I don’t want to kiss too much ass here, but I felt I should preface these three items by saying it took a really long time to think up of them:

If you want to read all of Anna’s work then you gotta pay for it.  But is that wrong?  No.  Are their comics expensive?  No.  Do us cartoonists make a ton of money regardless of our comics?  Hell no. So yeah, please give them your money!

 I wouldn’t mind more diversity?  But in Bongiovanni’s case there already is diversity.  But I’m talking about even more diversity.  Because why not?
I’d love to see some color in there.  I love Anna’s b&w work but I’m curious how they’d handle color aside from the somewhat monotonal stuff they have up now.

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Anna Bongiovanni is going places. They’ve got some  work published already but I wouldn’t be surprised if they got picked up by a bigger press.  So whether you like awesome indie comics or not, you’ll probably see their work on the bookshelves eventually!