High Res Comic!

Hey folks, this week I’ll be critiquing the work of H.D. Harris particularly his webcomic:

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Quick overview (taken from website)

Amara Is the tale of two elven sisters: one, born without magic, and the other without a mother’s love. The story follows them as they go down very different paths and the consequences for everyone around them as they are pulled into a life-or-death case of sibling rivalry that has far-reaching effects for the world of Amara.

What I liked:

A lot of fantasy stories are constantly prefacing themselves with long winded explanations of history, geography, and backstory. Harris’ writing plunges you right in whether you’re ready or not which makes the story both engaging and curious.

This story is about elves but Harris doesn’t shy away from diverse skin (and hair) representation.  There’s brown elves, blue elves, grey elves, white (and I do mean white) elves, purple elves. Such  spectrum is refreshing to see in a genre that is typically whitewashed.

This comic is SUPER political, it almost reminds me of Dune in that there are plots within plots within plots. Plenty of noble families and creeds all mixing around with murderous agendas. This kind of thing isn’t for everyone? but I love it. Wouldn’t work at all if Harris’ writing wasn’t as fleshed out.

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Room for improvement:

If I were to add something to Harri’s website I would include a “characters” page or even an appendix. Much as I enjoy the complexity of Amara I sometimes felt confused.  There’s a wide cast of characters here and not all of them receive a thorough introduction.

The backgrounds of Amara leave a lot to the imagination, in fact very often the they’re simply a single color (not that I can talk!) – I would love to see the world of Amara as visually fleshed out as the writing is.  When there is a background it sends to be pretty bleak.

I don’t like elves. And you know? this comic makes me like them even less. I need people to start being nice to Aelin and fuck off with this whole racist “Mheneri” bullshit.  WHY CAN’T PEOPLE JUST BE NICE TO AELIN?  


This is a comic about society and abuse, it’s not exactly a “fun read.” I have not yet finished reading it yet but there are times I’m gritting my teeth thinking “stop taking it, stab her in the face!” but therein lies the beauty of Harris’ work; it’s an emotional investment. Sign up at your own peril, because you’re going to get hooked, and with Harri’s artistic technique constantly improving? its not a bad comic to get hooked on.