Biggify these pages!

Doing things a little different this week (apparently for the next four weeks as well) today I post on an actual Monday instead of late night Sunday. Were you squirming? Yeah I didn’t think so.

I asked on my twitter  if anyone wanted me to review their work and five people responded immediately. Normally I give “shout outs” to comic artists, I believe this will be my very first review so I apologize it become obvious that I’m new at this.

Today we’ll be looking at:

 photo demonarchive.jpg

The Demon Archives is written by Daniel and Nick Sharp with artwork mostly by Sebastian Piriz.

Quick overview

The story follows Tenzin Dorje captain of an elite squad of soldiers known as “The Keleres.” Set in a distant dystopian/post-apocalyptic future Tenzin struggles with his past while simultaneously being forced to confront a brutal present.

What I liked:

This is a well realized comic with thoroughly explored back story. I’ve always wanted to do that – create a world from top to bottom. Some comics struggle with not feeling grounded in their locations/settings but this really isn’t the case with Archives.

Sebastian Piriz’s artwork is oh so pretty.  The pages are dynamic, the color work is enticing, I loved looking at all the bits and pieces.

The Sharp Bros also worked to include a number of guest artists such as Matia Basla, Nico Leon, and my personal favorite “Seba.” It provides a nice break in the visual narrative and the artists each add their distinct styles and palettes.

What I liked less:

Disclaimer: this is not a comic I would normally read. Reviewing this feels like asking a football coach to be a ballet instructor for a day. But here goes:

This comic starts out feeling super wordy so it was a bit of a challenge for me to get into. For me this is much less noticeable in the latest chapters. A lot less fighting between the artwork and the writing.

This is also a comic for boys.  There are female characters? but they’re all relegated to scientists, doctors, programmers etc. I would have liked to have seen some female soldiers mixing it up with the other grunts. But most readers of The Demon Archive are probably like:

 photo demon2.jpg

One last thing?  The one and only black person is a bad guy, and dies seconds after trying to rob a child? So, yeah. This comic doesn’t actually suffer from a lack of racial diversity – but it could use some work in the Positive Representation of Black People department.


If you like things like Warhammer 40k then this is right up your alley – except it provides a lot more in the way of story telling. The characters here aren’t invincible bags of muscle, they’re vulnerable, and that emotional depth frequently gets ignored in this type of genre. I kept waiting for the demons to show up when I realized that this is a story about inner demons, and that’s not something you often see when reading science fiction military stuff.