Enlarged Version

The original idea behind this page was to use actual trolling comments/hatemail that I had received.  Sure enough there was plenty to go around but I was surprised how boring the task was of looking them all up.  For the most part I just delete troll comments as they come, I don’t save them in a massive archive.  So for the page I would have had to spend hours going to every site where my work is, picking and choosing which comment worked best.  That’s when it occurred to me…

…I know exactly what sexist trolls like to say.  The truth is, if you want to spread the word about Feminism?  you’re going to get trolled.  Almost immediately too.  And it’s the same arguments every time with varying degrees of misspellings.  So not only was I able to recall familiar comments? I was able to write a massive sexist rant as the backdrop without pausing a second to think of what to say.

How sad is that?

Sadder still was that some of what I was writing were the things I might have written four or five years ago.

* * *

I made a new video about what goes into a page of Orcs vs Feminsim, enjoy!