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I have to say I’m bummed.  I’m steadily approaching the date where I will have worked on Orcs Vs Feminism for one year. As the book comes to a close I find myself wishing it didn’t have to end.

A HUGE thanks goes to Caitlin tonight, who bumped her pledge on my Patreon from five dollars to fifteen.  I’m beginning work on her portrait tonight!

Today is also special because it marks the night of my first ever contest. I can’t speculate as to the success of my attempt, but already I think I might do things different if I do it again.

…For example not competing for attention with The Super Bowl?  Yeah I didn’t think that one out too well.

Here’s the trailer for the contest:

But if you’re seeing this for the first time leave a comment, name the references and hope you’re the first one to do it!