This year is the year I’ve begun to take my work a lot more seriously. Which means I’ve been much better at self-promoting and updates. Don’t believe me?

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Managing these various accounts has been a lot more fun than I anticipated. As has making Orcs Vs Feminism! The next page is actually a two page spread and I’m so pleased with it I’m contemplating publishing it early. But that will depend on if I get the next pages done before next weekend.

It would be nice to have more than one update to the story in a week, the pet was 30 pages and therefore took 30 weeks. I have no idea how long Orcs vs Feminism will be at this point but I don’t like the idea of it taking 60+ weeks.
We’ll see what happens 😉

In honor of this page here is a video from one of the greatest games never made, Blizzard’s Lord of the Clans:

I still have no idea why they got this far and then stopped. I mean I’m sure there is some corporate reason but…but! *whimper!*