Hoping to finish this comic up in time for September, for reasons I will keep to myself.  For now…

So we’re getting into the gunk of this story and some of y’all cis-gendered folk may be wondering, “what can I do if I know a transgender person who’s going through all this?”

Luckily there is an article just for you!

The trouble with any kind of depression/anxiety is the feeling of isolation is generally coupled with the reality that most people won’t know how to approach you – – whether you’re struggling with gender issues, financial problems, racial turmoil, or even just having a shitty day.

Frankly most of us (myself included!) are programmed with a “mind your own business” mentality.  Even if we see a friend who is clearly in pain, a lot of us won’t reach out to that person.

Likewise for some of us who are going through the shit (myself included, again!) many of us don’t know how to ask for help – or we’ve taught ourselves to conceal our pain, such that nobody would even know we’re struggling.

I don’t actually know where I’m going with this.  It’s hot as all hell out and I’ve had a stressful day.  So instead of agonizing over what precisely is the best way to wrap things up I’m going to call it a day!

Stay tuned for more pages!  It might look bleak now but it get’s better! ^__^