Ok so for those that need some extrapolation on the line “there are no rules,” what I’m talking about specifically is gender expression.

There are societal rules in place, yes, but the second you begin to unravel gender as a social construct many of those rules no longer apply.

Take the “Man Buns” “Man Braids” and the “Romphim,” for example:

Where do I even start with that? Part of me wants to explore historical context given the many ways men have worn their hair over time. But the fact is currently men feel the need to put verbal/literal masculine identifiers before anything that might even be considered feminine. Some call this “male fragility” but honestly it’s just plain ol’ sexism. After all, what could be worse for men that to share even the slightest similarity to women?

I’ve spoken with many straight cisgender men that would love to wear a dress or skirt, for the sheer comfort of it, but are only be willing to do so in private when it’s absolutely certain nobody would see them. And even then they have serious feelings of shame just thinking about it.

Likewise I’ve spoken with many women that hate how women’s pants are constructed (no pockets) and would love to buy men’s pants, but can’t bring themselves to even venture into the men’s section of a clothing store.

Us Trans people have to push a lot of these societal (and our own) boundaries in order to find ourselves during transition.

I have worn all kinds of clothes over the years, and in many ways it has less to do with style and more to do with trying to find comfort. I haven’t exactly found that “end point” just yet but in exploring for several years now it’s quite obvious to me:


Really the only actual rules we need follow pertain to nudity. And cultural appropriation is so easily avoided that there is zero excuse at this point. Aside from that? There is nothing stopping you from purchasing basically any garment of your choosing. Especially now, as Cosplay Culture becomes more mainstream.

Go and get that cape you wanted. Find out what jeggings feel like. Try on hats! Find your perfect summer dress/skirt. See if those men’s dress shoes fit! Why the hell not? people?

There are some harsh realities I could get into regarding the physical assault and murder of all kinds of people over apparel choices. It’s a universal problem that extends to all genders, ethnicities, and classes. Which is precisely why we need to break down those barriers and liberate ourselves from this medieval nonsense!

So yeah. For all those reading this that haven’t made any experimentations yet?Go to a thrift store. Pick out something you’d never wear, but might want to. Try it on at home. You’ll live. You might even learn something!