Honestly all three of these icons helped me in very different ways.

Laverne opened the door for all trans people in some degree, she was literally the first trans person to play a trans person on TV. When she began talking about Trans issues I winced thinking that maybe we’d end up with a terrible role model being panned as the spokesperson for all of us. Turns out she said all the right things. And continues to do so.

I first stumbled upon Alok while watching a series of interviews from StyleLikeU. Honestly I’ve always found the concept creepy, they take fashionable people and sit them down for questioning, which they do while taking off their clothes. I dunno. Seems creepy. But I get it. Nevertheless the interview blew my mind, and frankly they spoke words I really needed to hear.

Pamela Raintree is not someone who appears on a lot of people’s radar. But three years ago footage of her confronting a local politician surfaced on Facebook at a time when I felt particularly weak. I reached and found her to be a rolemodel on multiple fronts. Just goes to show you don’t have to be a famous celebrity to help/transform someone in need. Here’s that video: