I’m just going to say it: “Mrs. Doubtfire.”

Growing up I idolized Robin Williams because he seemed to possess the same nutty¬†energy I did. He was super weird, but typically cast in roles where everyone else by comparison seemed bland. His work informed my sense of humor for years and subsequently I must have seen “Mrs. Doubtfire” dozens of times.

Robin William’s performance is still something I recall fondly, but the running joke has more to do with the premise than his humor. A man infiltrating a space with an agenda/goal. If you think this simple premise hasn’t been spun to ignite outrage and fear in this country? watch this:

Scary, huh?

Obviously the real movie remains, a comedy. But the crude undercurrent remains the same.¬†Trans people want exactly what everyone else does, to be left in peace in pursuit of happiness. It’s honestly just that simple. We’re not invaders. We’re not deviants. We’re not deranged. We’re not clowns. We’re just people.

It’s so simple, and so frustrating.