I really struggled with this page because I don’t like giving a voice to people who hurt me.

And so it was easier to draw up a scene for what it feels like to undergo certain responses when you’re not prepared for them.

Another part of the struggle is that I love sharks. And far be it for me to demonize one of the most beautiful fishes in the ocean. Every year we kill 100,000,000+ sharks. And when you endanger apex predators you fuck up the entire eco-system.

The ocean is this thing that we consider so vast that we can’t possible ruin all of it at once. Which is why we pollute it without a thought, and kill without mercy.

Here. Watch Jonah. It’s sad and beautiful. No seriously, it has Daniel Kaluuya from “Get Out.”

Anyway. Coloring the sharks red was very purposeful because I didn’t want anyone to think of them as real. Sharks are really scary and their attacks come out of nowhere and are very violent, much like some of the comments I sometimes read about me and my work. But before you feel sorry for me, know that Trans people are a target for these attacks. And while I know how to handle myself when it comes to online abuse? a 14 year old trans kid going through hell at school might not.

I used to have really defensive feelings when I was confronted with the term “cis scum.” Just seemed needlessly angry but – having spent some time out of the closet I understand that pain/frustration more acutely than I ever  could have anticipated.

I’m rambling. It’s been a rough week. Next page is on Monday!