Oh my gosh page two.

So this 10 page comic took me five months and some change. Partially because I had other personal/medical/professional things happening in my life but mostly because I was hell bent on it being a seven page comic.

I wanted to recreate the “formula” for “It’s Not A Race” and in obsessing over that the work became like pulling teeth.

I was editing, re-editing, re-writing my re-edits, and axing. Sure enough I whittled it down to seven pages and in my exhaustion (and other happenings) was only able to complete 5 of the 7 pages.

In May I realized I had been unhappy with the whole process and remembered that there was no formula to “It’s Not a Race.” That comic was not meant to be anything but a simple practice in a different coloring technique (inspired by Shen T). This makes sense given I had just 5 months previously finished Orcs Vs Feminism.

Point is – the moment I decided to cut the crap and enjoy working on “More Than One” I re-read the script (it was incomprehensible haha!) made some necessary revisions and enjoyed the hell out of each page.

So yeah. Hope you like it too! ^_^