This is a comic I did for The Empty Closet

There’s something comforting about not one but two soft spoken, skinny, slightly effeminate men landing themselves awesome careers. It gives me hope…

…you know, so I drew them having a man baby.

Truth is I barely have any time these days, hardly any time to read my new favorite Webcomic:

The Lonliest Astronauts

I haven’t gotten far but goodness is it fun to read!

In other news, do you remember Feltzilla? well last Valentine’s Day Alex and I once again presented hand made gifts to each other and BEHOLD:

I call him Son of Feltzilla. Observe the color palette, you will find it echoes the same greys as the original 1954 Gojira, but in a lighter more youthful shade. You can believe that I have already acted out a number of scenes from the 1967 Son of Godzilla the highlights of which you can watch yourself in this bizarre commercial:

I love that. It takes a man to be a dad. As if we didn’t know already. I noticed that they cut out the dozens of scenes where Godzilla slaps his son upside the head.

I digress.

If you ever wanted to see more of Alex’s work you can finally check it out on her website:

Observe that it is still under construction, but that’s not a “forever” kind of thing.

Finally I will leave you with one of my latest wood carvings, a red bellied piranah