HAPPY NEIcan’tdoit >_<

I hate new years.

Obviously I could bend your ear about how 2016 was rough, but how about instead we all resolve to be nicer to ourselves, for once? 2017 is going to be a challenge but it’ll be easier if everyone isn’t so hard on themselves!


This comic was first posted on EveryDayFeminism, and typically I like to wait a week before posting the long-form on Tumblr. But the staff are all out for the holidays and thus nobody noticed that page 4 was replaced (although there is an author’s note in the description thankfully!) and that page 6′s color profile hadn’t been successfully converted from CMYK to RBG.

The EveryDayFeminism post also has a content warning: ableist language.
I aim to expand on this in 2017 but if you want to know why words like “stupid” and “idiot” are ableist then please READ THIS AMAZING ARTICLE

And Lastly

2016 was a rough year. But I’m so thankful that you folks spent some of it reading my work. I created 5 comics for Everyday Feminism, a 6th for Sweaty Palms, and had a couple commissions in there too. I simply could not have done that without you, my beloved readers, and your support.

Whether it’s liking my work, re-blogging it, supporting me on Patreon, leaving me comments, sending me messages/questions? I really appreciate what you do for me. You’re carrying me through all this. Thank you so much.

Love yourself, see you in 2017! ^_^