Some things I’d like to address:

This comic is not meant to belittle online activism whatsoever (especially disabled people who might rely on said activism) it is meant purely to advise folks not to succumb to online abuse.

Activism is excellent. Abuse can kiss my ass.

Also I think it’s fair to point out that my perspective comes from a place of White privilege. That is to say us White folk are excellent at ignoring criticism so of course I shut down “debates” early?

Furthermore I think when speaking sincerely about “proper” debates it’s important (as Tim Wise points out in his book “White Like Me”) that debating in and of itself is incredibly White. But if you don’t want to read his 176 page book? I thoroughly recommend this podcast on debates/racism that partially inspired this comic.

Nevertheless this technique of self care has served me well and I fully recommend it for folks (like me) who might otherwise become utterly miserable (or get tiggered and have bouts of severe anxiety) in the face of those who go out of their way to traumatize folks online.

The stuff I get in my inbox sometimes, appalling.
Just because we USE social media platforms doesn’t mean we must resign ourselves to abuse.

Love ya!


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