This was a fun little piece I did a while ago. No I am not the janitor.

Irrevocable Canonical Update 2017:

Winston stopped mopping. There was an awful pounding noise coming from the first floor, as if someone or something was trying to break into the building. Hank the security guard was posted at the front desk, but none of the janitorial staff was equipped with two-way radios. Where was he? With baited breath Winston listened to the pounding until it was clear that something had burst into the building. A bestial yowl rose up like a blazing inferno from the steps and raised all the hair on Winston’s neck. He gripped the mop tighter.

Down below, Cona the Barbarian knew she was close to her bounty. She had never entered such a place, and while the bejeweled gleaming panels of this ocean temple were tempting prizes, the call of vengeance was overwhelming. She cooled her nerves, preparing herself for the hunt when suddenly a call from above rung out, “Hank?”

Winston saw her for but moment before it was over. A foot kicked him into the glass tank of the Moon Jellies (Aurelia Labiata) – for a second Winston assumed the snapping sound had been a bone in his own body. It was the mop, he felt it skewer him in the next breath, his last. Her charge half complete, Cona turned and saw the child kraken nearby. The gods were with her tonight.

Sorcery kept the creature in its prison, but glancing at the fallen man at her feet, and lookup up the trail of blood to the other creature, Cona saw that the magical shield could crack, like ice. Heaving the broken man up, Cona hurdled his lifeless body head first into the tank (for no magic could be trusted). The child kraken spilled out on the ground. Cona picked it up and paused. In years to come the beast might have grown many times in size. She had seen one devour children with her own eyes. Their screams echoed in her mind, she had been too late to save them.

She squeezed it until it burst. Ink dripping down through the cracks of her mighty fist.